7 Things That Could Happen in Heartland Season 17

Exploring Possible Storylines for the Beloved Ranch Drama

7 Things That Could Happen in Heartland 17

The beloved show Heartland is back for its 17th season! While we wait for the official release date, let's explore some possible storylines. Past seasons have been filled with drama, adventure, and heartwarming moments, and season 17 is sure to follow suit.

Here are some predictions for what could unfold in Heartland season 17:

1. Amy's Love Life

Many fans were hoping for Amy to find love last season, perhaps with Finn. Sadly, the actor passed away. Theories abound that Amy might connect with Sam Langston, Cooper, or Edwin, or maybe even a new character. Amy's desire for a new partner is strong, and there might even be wedding bells in her future.

Amy and Samy in Heartland season 16

2. Georgie's European Adventure

Georgie chose to train in Brussels with Eleanor Hinchcliff, a world-class jumping instructor, at the end of season 16. This training could rekindle Georgie's passion for show jumping and her Olympic dream. We might see her regain confidence and return to the show ring.

The main Heartland characters all together and talking in the Fleming home in Heartland season 16

3. Georgie and Quinn: Long Distance Blues

Quinn proposed to Georgie in the season 16 finale so they could stay together while she's in Brussels. Georgie, however, felt she was too young to marry. Though they love each other, the long distance could strain their relationship. Could they break up, or will their love grow stronger?

Georgie and Quinn hugging in Heartland season 16

4. Katie's Potential Romance

This season might also bring love to Katie. Her friendship with Logan could blossom into something more after their fun adventures together, like their river rafting trip.

5. Lou and Peter: Saying "I Do" Again

Season 16 ended with Lou and Peter re-committing to each other. They had a ceremony but weren't officially remarried. Season 17 might see them tie the knot again, possibly in a small ceremony or even at the courthouse. Lou could also face off against Rick in the mayoral election, which could test their friendship.

Lou and Peter holding hands and looking at each other in Heartland season 16

6. Tim and Jessica: A Place of Their Own

Tim and Jessica, who got married in season 15, are still living at Heartland Ranch. Season 17 might see them take a big step by getting their own place, giving Jack some much-needed space. They could buy a nearby property or even move to Jessica's hometown of New York.

Amy holding Lyndy while they both stand next to the horse Theo in Heartland Season 16

7. Lyndy and Theo: A Growing Bond

Lyndy has a natural talent for working with horses. She bonded with Theo, a runaway horse Amy and Georgie found in season 16. Theo's owner, Chandra, decided to leave him at the ranch after seeing their connection. Season 17 will likely show their bond strengthen, and Lyndy might even get to show Theo or take on more responsibility helping Amy train horses.

Lyndy will also be starting school, which will bring new adventures. Season 17 promises to be a big one for her, with plenty of opportunities to see her character develop.

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  1. Tammy Frazier says:

    I look forward to watching yall soon. Thank yall for allowing me to be a part of the Heartland family

  2. Marva Paige says:

    Can't wait for season 17.

  3. Irene Hisle says:

    I have seen the first 4 episodes and anxious to see more

  4. Louise Caissie says:

    This show now has bittersweet feelings for me. My MOM who passed away on AUG. 6, 2021, really loved watching Heartland and hardly missed an episode. When visiting my parents, I would watch it with her. I'm crying as I'm writing this. I would like to start watching the show again but I'm still grieving for my beloved mother. I always loved the storylines. Congratulations on starting the 17th season.

  5. Arlene says:

    When will season 17 be available on dvd? Just finishing 16 now.💝

  6. Gerald Rainville says:

    love Hartland & look forward to every show, Character development is amazing and mesmerizing, Very true to real family life. I hope this show continues for a long time . It is one of the few wholesome shows still on TV and I would hate to see it end. Please keep it going.

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