Heartland -Ty and Amy- Young and In Love

Young and In Love- Hunter Hayes

This video is so bittersweet knowing what awaits Ty’s fate in season 14. After watching 13 seasons of their undeniable love for each other, and then in just a few minutes of season 14, it was over.
Sure, death is a part of life for all of us, but heartland was an escape for many from real life circumstances.

The producers/ writers could have handled Graham Wardle’s (Ty) departure from heartland differently.

  1. Terry Ruth says:

    I believe Ty left because of the love he has for Amy and Heartland. He left to protect Amy and the Heartland series. Yes the writers could have given Graham a leave of absence, 1-3years, Graham could have returned to that foreign country to help with those horses, caught in war and disappear. Graham returns, reunites with Amber and his child,Lyndy and Heartland goes on for a long time. It is going take some then special to replace the relationship between Graham and Amber! Heartland has been the best for our family and around the world!

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