Heartland Season 17 Episode 2: Amy Dates Edwin!

I recently watched the latest Heartland episode that was released this week, and it struck me how emotional it was. It's been quite some time since a TV series made me cry this much.

In Episode 2, titled "Taking the Reins," the family experiences a significant loss, but it also contains some lighthearted moments. Particularly, Amy's date with Edwin provided some funny scenes.

What are your thoughts on Episode 2? How do you feel about the dynamics between Edwin and Amy? Please share your opinions below!

  1. Kimberly Gallion says:

    I love your show like I want ty back

  2. Heidi Scholl says:

    Couldn’t tell you… because I can’t find it to watch it anymore!

  3. Christene parent says:

    I would like to to see Amy get involved the the x baseball player

  4. I love Heartland. I have watched it since the first season. And am looking forward to season 17 very much.

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