Kevin Costner can’t afford ex Christine’s child support demands without ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner can’t afford ex Christine’s child support demands without ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner claimed he can’t afford his estranged wife’s hefty child support demands now that he’s no longer on the hit show “Yellowstone.”

Christine Baumgartner is requesting Costner pay her $248,000 per month — but the “Field of Dreams” star responded that she has an inaccurate picture of his finances.

“I will earn substantially less in 2023 than I did in 2022. This is because I am no longer under contract for Yellowstone, the principal source of my income last year,” Costner, 68, stated in documents filed this week and obtained by Page Six.

Paramount Network announced in May that “Yellowstone” would end with its fifth season.

kevin costner riding a horse for "yellowstone"
Kevin Costner claimed in new court documents that he can’t afford to pay his estranged wife her “astonishing” child support demands without “Yellowstone.” KEVIN LYNCH FOR PARAMOUNT NETWORK
christine baumgartner and kevin costner
The “Field of Dreams” star said Christine Baumgartner has an inaccurate assessment of his finances. FilmMagic

Costner, who portrayed patriarch John Dutton since the series premiered in 2018, claimed that Baumgartner’s assessment of his finances were inaccurate as his earnings are “variable and can change quite dramatically” each year, according to the documents.

Calling Baumgartner’s request 6-figure request “astonishing,” Costner added that he can’t “afford to pay those amounts and pay my living and business expenses without liquidating assets.”


  1. Birgitta pettersson says:

    I cant dream of a sum like this. Miss Baumgartner should Lerner to live on a normal ekonomichef way, or she may work for her own living.
    I dont like this Word, but she is a GOLD- DIG GERD.
    Kevin you have earned all your money, and you have diserve det every many people have joined your moivies.And all your fans love you.

  2. Jeanette gadd says:

    I think personally that is a ridiculous amount of money per month to keep her children......she wouldn't be short of a dollar. I would like for some of these greedy women,to try and live off what we live off in the real world....but then again they don't live in the real world.
    .do they.budgeting from week to week

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