Kevin Costner can’t afford ex Christine’s child support demands without ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner can’t afford ex Christine’s child support demands without ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner claimed he can’t afford his estranged wife’s hefty child support demands now that he’s no longer on the hit show “Yellowstone.”

Christine Baumgartner is requesting Costner pay her $248,000 per month — but the “Field of Dreams” star responded that she has an inaccurate picture of his finances.

“I will earn substantially less in 2023 than I did in 2022. This is because I am no longer under contract for Yellowstone, the principal source of my income last year,” Costner, 68, stated in documents filed this week and obtained by Page Six.


Paramount Network announced in May that “Yellowstone” would end with its fifth season.

kevin costner riding a horse for "yellowstone"
Kevin Costner claimed in new court documents that he can’t afford to pay his estranged wife her “astonishing” child support demands without “Yellowstone.” KEVIN LYNCH FOR PARAMOUNT NETWORK
christine baumgartner and kevin costner
The “Field of Dreams” star said Christine Baumgartner has an inaccurate assessment of his finances. FilmMagic

Costner, who portrayed patriarch John Dutton since the series premiered in 2018, claimed that Baumgartner’s assessment of his finances were inaccurate as his earnings are “variable and can change quite dramatically” each year, according to the documents.

Calling Baumgartner’s request 6-figure request “astonishing,” Costner added that he can’t “afford to pay those amounts and pay my living and business expenses without liquidating assets.”


  1. It is an absurd amount to pay whether or not he can afford it.

  2. Jeanne Mccaulley says:

    Child support, I think not. She’s included
    X spousal support. 3 kids? You could raise 30 kids on that kind of money. Sponge.

  3. Barbara says:

    That is beyond ridiculous!

  4. Debbie Williamslife says:

    That's too much money to pay anyone!

  5. Marg Gill says:

    I think Costners wife is a leech. Makes me wonder if she ever loved him or his money.

    1. Diane Johnson says:

      Why does everyone think ,it is OK what he did ,he not only cheated ,but having another child ,great actor or not this was his choice 🤔

  6. Mary Renson says:

    How come you did not have Pre nups, your a smart man I can't believe you neglected this seems like you cut your own throat.

    1. Renee says:

      She did sign a prenup. She is disputing it.

      1. Terry Tandall says:

        Every five years it has to up dated

  7. Violet Zook says:

    Take back to court and have her demand redone KEVINYOU MARRIED A WILLOW TREE NOT A OAK TO STAND BESIDE YOU. YOUR IN MY 🙏

  8. Diana Dillard says:

    I know when I my husband , he was ordered to pay child support he never paid so I had 2 jobs and then I filed AafDC aide for dependent children the State paid me and billed him . So life is hard but that's a crazy thing for a woman to take advantage of such a generous man breaks my ♥

    1. Terry Randall says:

      You should have gone back to court

  9. Marjorie Hoyle says:

    We are on your side, Kevin, because she is only interested in obtains as much as possible from you. Can you not hold her to the pre-nup? Hold out for that. Will you go to court to settle it. Of course I want you to stay on with Yellowstone. Will it take a long time to complete Horizon. 4 movies, that is a gigantic project. We will pray for a best outcome.

  10. Betty Bock says:

    Well liquidate some assets and take care of your beautiful wife or ex

  11. Birgitta pettersson says:

    People are obsessed of money
    Care taking is the most important.

  12. Marie says:

    Here Kevin is working out there really hard to provide for his family and the lifestyle they have. Spoiling his wife who spends an ex absorbent amount of money, has a boyfriend who has given her money, and she still wants it all her way and more money! He loves her, has not been disloyal to to her or his family; is now dealing with a gold digger. Kevin is a great actor, father and man. Now his wife is trying to grind him for everything, while she has been disloyal. I say I hope the legal battle is on his side, hope they help him, so he can continue to provide for his children. This woman needs to learn a lesson, because your wrong doings catch you eventually.
    I hope very much this is resolved as soon as possible.

  13. Ginger says:

    She needs a reality check....
    Hope the judge sees her greed, and unreasonable request.

  14. Lynne Asbery says:

    She asking too much and why can't she go out to work, to support her children
    Plus how many children are we talking about? dose this amount of money cover for 10 or 12
    Surely not just one or two!!!

  15. Belinda Thomas says:

    She needs to go to work and help support them too. Not rely on only his money. He needs to live too! They are her children too

  16. Eunice BABILI says:

    That amount is grossly unfair and abnormal unreasonable 😭😭 grossly too high

  17. Terry Randall says:

    No child needs that kind of money a month. She is a wench. It is time these kids are raised in reality. If guys are smart they will stay engaged forever and never get married. In todays world they do not have to. I came from a father who was a big Criminal lawyer who wrote The briefs for Jimmy Hoffa’s appeal and he said in a devotee you need to settle. Only the lawyers will make the money today. When he practiced law a big divorce was $1000 dollars. Today it is a rip off according to your assets. Poor Kevin. What was he thinking with out a strong Pre nup. I feel for him.

  18. Susan M manier says:

    OK now that I know a little bit more about the story, he doesn’t hold her anything but he does have responsibility for his chores. That doesn’t mean you get to give the money to her to take care of them.

  19. Jakki your screwed says:


  20. Tania Garcia duenas says:

    Hello Kevin Yellowstone National Park hotel Roma miss Tania 👍💃🙏

  21. Nancy Fry says:

    No one needs that much money every month for Child Support. That is absolutely ridiculous. That tells me how spoiled rotten the kids are

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