Kevin Costner's Relationship with His Kids and How They Get Along

In the past, the "Waterworld" star confessed that he's relaxed at home with his family and doesn't see himself a perfect dad. But, in raising them, he was very intentional.

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Kevin Costner looked forward to creating an unbreakable relationship with his Mini-Mes. He was closer to his daughters than his sons, and one of the ways the girls show their love is to sometimes make him sandwiches.

Most of Kevin's decisions and life views have been shaped by his duties as a family man. As he grew older, he wanted to invest more in his kids and live forever on Earth.

But that doesn't mean he didn't bond with his sons; He sees himself as a provider in all aspects and has recognized that the world does not revolve around him.

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Enjoying the company of all his children, he taught them to be independent and raised them with a sense of normalcy amidst his celebrity status. Kevin taught them to "work hard and stay strong."

His only worry about being a father was when he started welcoming young children. He had a frank conversation with his elders, taking care to remove any form of jealousy.

As a parent with older and teenage kids, he realized that his younger children couldn't have him around as long as the adults did. So he poured himself with Baumgartner into being around for his second family.

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Fortunately, he has avoided raising spoiled and entitled children, and all they require of him is to continue to be their provider—financially and emotionally. He spends time with them at various properties, including a ranch in Colorado. When talking about the difference in raising them, he said:

"There's really no difference. You just love 'em. They still want money and stuff."

Kevin Costner's Mortality Thoughts and Remaining a Dad Forever

Since the birth of his first-born, Annie, Kevin has taken on the responsibilities of fatherhood, and although it is his longest-running role, he is still proud of it. While he has a successful career, he is busy raising his children, a sacrifice he plans to make for the rest of his life. In his words, "you never stop raising kids."

Yellowstone' star Kevin's decisions and outlook on life have been shaped by family obligations. As he got older, he wanted to invest more in his children and wanted to live forever on earth. He said:

"I'd love to live forever. That's how much I love life. I like I on Earth. I want to have as much time on this Earth as I can."

Kevin's life has not been an easy one - he has had to deal with a failed marriage and later devote himself to raising his young childrens. However, he is grateful to have a wonderful family who are surrounded by love and contentment!

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