Mark Harmon Teases Possible NCIS Return with One Condition

Mark Harmon has expressed his willingness to reprise his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in future seasons of NCIS.

Mark Harmon from NCIS may return with one condition.

Mark Harmon Open to Reprising Role in NCIS Under One Condition

CBS' long-running police procedural series, NCIS, has reached a significant milestone by completing two decades on the air. Fans have been speculating about the possibility of seeing some of their favorite characters return for the 20th season. Although no major cameos appeared in the latest season, it doesn't suggest that the show won't bring back beloved stars in the future. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, left NCIS after 19 seasons in 2021. Despite his departure, there is still a chance for Harmon to reprise his role, given that Gibbs simply walked away from the job. However, he has stated that there is one condition for his return.

Actor Open to Reviving Iconic Role, but Unaware of Plans

During an interview with ET Online, the actor expressed his willingness to reprise his iconic role. However, he also revealed that he currently has no knowledge about any potential plans to bring the character back. Here is his full statement:

"He's probably sitting in a stream up in Alaska fishing. Is he going to get out of the stream? I don't know. But if he is, I don't know about it."

Why Gibbs Needs To Return In NCIS Season 21?

NCIS Season 20: No Cameo for Fan-Favorite Characters

As NCIS Season 20 drew to a close, Brian Dietzen hinted at the possibility of a cameo appearance by some of the show's beloved characters who had already left the service. Fans were hopeful that Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo might make an appearance, especially as they were part of the original cast. Sadly, this didn't happen. Instead, Season 20 concentrated on the current crew, and none of the previous characters returned.

Why Gibbs' Return to NCIS Season 21 is Crucial

David McCallum's passing earlier this year, who played Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, the chief medical examiner at the organization, makes it essential for Gibbs to return to the show. Ducky, along with Gibbs and DiNozzo, was an original cast member, debuting the role in 2003. Ducky's long-standing relationship with the team extended far beyond the start of the procedural since he was already a close friend of Gibbs before the show's events.

Although CBS was able to continue NCIS season 20 without him, Gibbs' return is vital to honor Ducky in season 21. As a tribute to the brilliant but quirky medical examiner, the police procedural is expected to do a tribute episode, with a significant part of it involving the people he worked with throughout his tenure in the organization. Gibbs' appearance does not have to be extensive; he could merely come in and pay tribute to his old friend. Given their friendship, Gibbs could even take a day off from fishing to honor Ducky.

Source: ET Online

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