Yellowstone: Beth Dutton Being The Most Satisfying Character For 33 Minutes

Beth Dutton: The Ultimate Yellowstone Badass in 33 Minutes

I don't think there is a more satisfying character than Beth Dutton in Yellowstone?

Love her so I will share her with all of you because I can see that she (and ESPECIALLY Kelly's portrayal, hmm hello??) is indescribably underrated.

Beth's a pretty complex and interesting person with her own set of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes she can be hard to udnerstand, but she's got this unique ability to walk the tightrope between good and evil.

Juggling all that pain, love, bitterness and passion is a balancing act all on its own.

Beth and Rip breakfast scene remains a Yellowstone highlight
Paramount Network/YouTube

Beth has been through a lot, but she never gives up. She's got her own unique sassiness and honesty. Even though she's the only woman in the Dutton family, she's tough enough to protect the ranch alongside the guys. But don't let her tough exterior fool you - she's also got a soft side.

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