The Smile of a Stingray that will make you Feel Good

The Smile of a Stingray that will make you Feel Good

People are sharing their pictures of smiling Stingrays. The tender smile of the stingray will make your day happy.

A smile says more than a thousand words, that's why this stingray smiles for photos.

Stingrays are very curious and interesting animals. Many people often confuse them with manta rays, but in this post we explain the difference between a manta and a stingray.

Stingrays have their mouths on their belly, hence their peculiar smile that enchants those who see them, either on the seabed or in an aquarium.

Sometimes your eyes are thought to be the nostrils above your mouth. But his eyes are on the bibs and in some photos you get to see them.

As a curious fact, let me tell you that in 2015, a team of researchers claimed to have found the largest stingray in the world. The female was 4.2 metres long and weighed 362 kilos. It was found by Corwin and the "Ocean Mysteries" team in Thailand.

Pictures of smiling Stingrays

Aren't they so cute?

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