5 fun facts about CBS show Blue Bloods

5 fun facts about CBS show Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods premiered on CBS in 2010 and has been made into twelve seasons since. The show follows the characters in the New York City Police Department and each of these characters represents a separate worldview and outlook towards law enforcement.

Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, the NYPD Commissioner in the police procedural drama. Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, Len Cariou and Will Estes are the other lead actors in the show.

A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)
A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)

The series uses witty dialog to explore the moral conflict that the characters experience as they interact with one another and get on with their jobs. Fans of the show also appreciate the dinner scenes where the characters often discuss important philosophical questions.

The thirteenth season of Blue Bloods will premiere on CBS on October 7, 2022.

Some interesting facts about Blue Bloods

1) The silverware at the dinner table is actually plastic

A dinner scene in Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)
A dinner scene in Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)

The dinner scenes in Blue Bloods, where the characters get together every week, make for some of the most interesting moments in the show. While some characters offer friendly advice about a cop’s life to one another, other scenes involve heated debate about their ideas of law enforcement and their worldview in general.

Although the characters deliver realistic performances throughout the scenes, the silverware they use at the table is actually not real but made out of plastic. Earlier, the crew used original silverware, but switched to plastic as the silverware made too much noise, hindering the audio experience of the scenes. Currently, all the crockery and cutlery used is plastic.

2) The leftovers from the dinner scenes are given away

Dinner scene from Blue Bloods (Image via Cinema Blend)
Dinner scene from Blue Bloods (Image via Cinema Blend)

The focus of the dinner scenes in the show revolves around the philosophical roots of the characters and given the many dinner scenes in each season, it is obvious that the food is leftover after the shoot.

However, the makers of the show have a way to avoid wasting food and they give the leftover food to crew members. While the production values of the show are evident through their abundant production design, the fact that uneaten food doesn’t go to waste is quite a pleasant surprise.

3) A former NYPD detective edits the script

A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)
A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)

The show boasts a high level of realism in the setting, characters and conflicts. All these features of the show are thanks to the nuanced writing and well-researched conceptualization of the show. While most medical dramas and police procedurals have research at the center of their script, this one takes extra care and has the script edited by an experienced detective.

Retired NYPD officer James Nuciforo helps the team keep the show accurate and true to the reality of the department. While the show is still careful not to misrepresent the profession, they make sure to maintain enough drama and not make the show dry.

4) Danny Reagans’ sons are actual brothers

A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)
A still from Blue Bloods (Image via IMDB)

The series is heavily centered around themes of family and relationships. Danny Reagan is one of the central characters whose arc influences the portrayal of themes. His sons on the show, Sean and Jack, are brothers in real life, but it isn’t a well-known fact as the resemblance isn’t very obvious.

However, the fact that the two are real brothers adds more depth to the relationship. The brothers, Tony and Andrew Terraciano, were cast on the show when they were six and eight, respectively. Over the course of the decade-long show, fans have seen the two grow up.

Donnie Wahlberg plays their father Danny on the show.

5) The creators also worked on The Sopranos

A still from The Sopranos (Image via IMDB)
A still from The Sopranos (Image via IMDB)

The writers of the show were the same people who wrote The Soprano’s, which explains the brilliant writing of both the shows.

Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green were involved in the creation of both shows. Many of the members of the cast of Blue Bloods claimed that they only signed up for the show because of the writers’ previous work on The Soprano’s.

The Soprano’s however, was much more popular than Blue Bloods. The former received global acclaim for the writing and performances with a fan following that is growing even today. The writers’ exploration of family, cops and crime in the two shows is brilliantly done.

Blue Bloods first aired a decade ago and has had consistently growing viewership ever since. The performance by Tom Selleck is one of the major highlights of the show. The thirteenth season of the series will premiere on CBS on October 7, 2022.

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