When Danny Crossed the Line: A Blue Bloods Moment Fans Didn't Love

Blue Bloods: Family Feasts and Firearms - Examining Danny Reagan's Complexities

The Danny Reagan Scene On Blue Bloods That Went Too Far

"Blue Bloods," a police drama in its 12th season, features the Reagan family โ€“ a tight-knit clan deeply rooted in New York City law enforcement. Viewers are drawn to the show's portrayal of both the Reagans' warm family dinners and their intense pursuit of justice. However, the family, especially hotheaded Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), is far from perfect.

Despite his charisma and exciting detective persona, Danny's actions raise red flags. Fans on Reddit have documented numerous instances of him bending NYPD rules or potentially violating civil liberties during interrogations. Additionally, his high number of on-duty fatalities raises eyebrows. Even his gun handling habits make viewers uneasy. Still, it's a Season 2 scene involving his family's safety that truly pushes boundaries.

When Family Dinner Turns into a Firing Line


In "The Job," Season 2, Episode 12, a routine family drive takes a terrifying turn. Danny's car collides with a suspect, and as he approaches to help, a masked gunman appears. A shootout erupts, with the suspect escaping wounded. While Danny manages to protect his family physically, the emotional toll is immense.

Here's where Danny's character complexity shines through. Shaken but in "cop mode," he dives headfirst into planning the suspect's capture, neglecting his family's immediate emotional needs. Instead of offering reassurance and comfort, he treats them like fellow officers rather than traumatized victims. This behavior echoes a previous incident where he unintentionally exposed his niece to a dead body. It highlights a potential blind spot - Danny's dedication to his badge can overshadow his sensitivity to his family's emotional well-being.


While a skilled detective, Danny's actions raise questions about the impact his profession has on his personal life. "Blue Bloods" presents the Reagans as a complex family โ€“ dedicated to justice but grappling with the emotional weight of their work, particularly for Danny. This creates a captivating dynamic for viewers, leaving them intrigued by both the Reagans' personal struggles and their unwavering commitment to upholding the law.

  1. I only started watching this show last year, so I have literally watched 11 seasons in 1 year. One of the best shows on television!

  2. Pam Lamia says:

    It's a TV show, if it bothers you, watch something else.i just don't understand why that concept is so hard to figure out.

  3. maryanne says:

    get over it....thats true life and stop the whimpering about every thing that doesn't fit your opinion on what he should be doing....he is working the real world and you are sitting back saying oh the kids will be traumatized....its the kids that are killing other kids....clean up your acts and teach your own how to protect themselves....its a damn cruel world out there....

  4. maryanne says:

    i think the reagan family is conditioned to dead bodies with all that police work and the whimpy niece needs to get a grip she was the one who left the car and was told to stay put....not dannys fault....the writers of this are just as ballless as all the people standing around when something happens tp someone and they don't even try to help....sick of all the people who have something to say about nothing they do to help a situation...

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