From Almost-Strangers to Reagan Siblings: How Donnie Wahlberg Brought Bridget Moynahan to Blue Bloods

The on-screen chemistry we love almost never happened!

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Wahlberg's Wiles: How He Roped Moynahan into "Blue Bloods" Family

Fans of the cop drama "Blue Bloods" can't imagine the Reagan family dynamic without Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan, the sharp and dedicated Assistant District Attorney. But according to Donnie Wahlberg, her co-star and on-screen brother Danny Reagan, there was almost a different reality!

In an interview, Wahlberg revealed that Moynahan initially turned down the role. He had to use some serious persuasion, saying with a laugh, "I begged and pleaded and made her an offer she couldn't refuse."

What was this irresistible offer? Apparently, Wahlberg promised Moynahan all his paychecks if they weren't able to film the show in New York City, a place both actors clearly preferred. Thankfully for fans, filming stuck to the Big Apple, and the rest is history.

This anecdote highlights the strong bond between the cast members, a bond that translates to the show's portrayal of a close-knit family. It also speaks to Wahlberg's charisma, which clearly extends beyond acting. Luckily for viewers, his convincing powers helped secure Moynahan's spot on the show, making "Blue Bloods" the family drama we know and love.

  1. I love Blue Bloods. Excellent cast and script.

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