Exclusive: Blue Bloods Set Secrets & Fun Cast Facts Revealed!

Donnie Wahlberg Shares Lunch & Rare Photos, Plus Who They Trust in a 3AM Jam!

Blue Bloods Set Secrets & Fun Cast Facts Revealed

After NYPD Blue wrapped up, I craved a well-made drama with compelling characters I could truly root for. Then, along came Blue Bloods, featuring Tom Selleck alongside Donnie (Wahlberg), Bridget (Moynahan), and Will (Estes).

This summer, I had the chance to chat with the cast (Did you hear what happened when I bumped into Tom Selleck?). Thanks to that, I scored a set visit and lunch with Donnie Wahlberg in NYC (stay tuned for the details!).

It was a joy getting to know the cast and grilling them with some fun questions (like who they'd trust to pick them up if they were stuck by the road at 3 am). With Blue Bloods returning for its third season TONIGHT on CBS at 10/9c, there's no better time to share our conversation and some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

First, check out these behind-the-scenes pics from the set in Brooklyn!

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Here's the front door to the Reagan house! The actual exterior of the house shown on TV is located in Bay Ridge, NY.

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Glamour: The awesomeness and energy you bring to every scene as Detective Danny Reagan is amazing. How do you manage to juggle everything in your life while taking on such a demanding role?

Donnie Wahlberg: Honestly, I'm not sure. I think every now and then, every actor thinks they can handle any part, and the sharp ones are truthful enough to admit they can't. My whole acting history has prepared me for this role, and this is one of those times where everything clicked perfectly and I was the perfect fit - the right experience, skills and passion for this job. It might seem tough, and it might look tough, and I'm sure there have been times with 18-hour days in freezing New York City where I'm like, 'Man, this is rough,' but in all honesty, it's really easy. And I don't mean that to minimize it, I just really think this role was destined for me.

Glamour: The young actors who play your sons on the show (real-life brothers Andrew and Tony Terraciano) are so adorable and talented. Do they understand the significance of working alongside you, Tom, and Bridget?

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Donnie: In some respects, they're very similar to the show's kids. Tom's like a cool older guy to them. He cracks jokes at dinner, but gets to skip out on bedtime duty! (laughs) For me, they're super excited whenever I arrive, and I kind of fill a fatherly role for them. They're always hanging out with my actual son, and they absolutely love each other. It's a truly wonderful situation. The family bond, both on and off screen, is truly unique. Bridget and I, for instance, are much calmer with each other in real life. (laughs) We're actually incredibly close.

Glamour: That leads perfectly into my next question. If you were stuck on the side of the road at 3 am, which co-star would you call for help?

Donnie: I could call any of them, and I know they'd come without hesitation. But, I'd probably call Bridget because she'd show up looking fantastic, as always! (laughs) Tom Selleck would definitely come on a horse! And let's just say, a horse ride home isn't exactly what I'm picturing.

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Glamour: Alright, same question I hit Donnie with. Who gets the call at 3 AM if you're stuck on the roadside?

Bridget Moynahan: My money's on Donnie. Dude's a night owl, and distance wouldn't faze him. Resourceful, that one.

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Glamour: Hey there! He mentioned you too! He's curious what you look like at that crazy hour because let's face it, you must be gorgeous all the time! [laughs]

Bridget: Oh stop it! [laughs] Truth is, at 3 am it's dark, and I always look better in dimmer lighting.

Glamour: So, what are your hopes for season three? Would you like Erin to find love, or do you want the writers to focus more on her cases?

Bridget: In season three, my biggest wish is for the viewers to love it enough to come back for a season four.


Glamour: Alright, Will, your turn for the late-night question. Which castmate would you call for a ride if your car died on the road?

Will Estes: Tom! That guy can do anything, just look at him! He's the top cop! But knowing him, he'd probably just call someone else since he has a whole list of contacts.


Glamour: Okay, Tom, I've been asking everyone this, so who would you call for a 3 am roadside rescue?

Tom Selleck: Will! He's a dependable guy! You can always count on him.

(See the full interview for more details [link to full interview])

Check out more photos! And isn't Sami Gayle adorable? We get to see her celebrate her Sweet 16 in an upcoming episode! Based on the pic, THIS is something we're excited for!

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Here's Will Estes and Len Cariou (Henry Reagan) at Nicky's Sweet 16.

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Love this pic of Jennifer Esposito (Jackie Curatola) and Donnie Wahlberg cracking up!

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Oh, and as for that set visit and lunch with Donnie Wahlberg? It happened, and you won't believe the Oprah moment that came with it! We'll have that story (with video) coming soon! Let's just say, this is one piece you won't want to miss!

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__Tell us: What character do you like best on Blue Bloods, and what do you want to see happen in season three? __

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  1. What character do you like best on Blue Bloods, and what do you want to see happen in the next season?

  2. Nancy Van De Veire says:

    Like to see Erin and Jack get back together.

  3. Lora Wright says:

    My favorite character on the show is Donnie Wahlberg! I have been a BH since NKOTB started in 1986. I love watching everything that the whole band does. T.V. shows etc LOVE YOU DONNIE! 🤖❤

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