Chicago P.D. Villain Returns to One Chicago Franchise in Another Role

Chicago P.D. has introduced many villains, but this one is the most prominent for his criminal acts in the police drama. His interpreter returns to the franchise once again to take on a different role.

Chicago P.D. Season 10 will be available to fans on the NBC network starting September 22, according to the television network's fall 2021 release schedule.

Star Who Plays Villain in Chicago P.D. Returns to the Franchise in a Different Role

The plot of the upcoming episodes of the fans' favorite police drama will surely tell the stories of new villains. However, one has risen to the top of the list as the worst in the series' entire history.

Denny Woods comes to mind, when fans want to hate a villain. Since his first appearance in Season 4 of the drama, Hank Voight's evil ex-partner has not only made life difficult for the hard-core sergeant leader of the Chicago intelligence unit P.D., but also for some members of the team.

When it comes to getting others into trouble, Mykelti Williamson's character doesn’t think twice. Ruzzek (Patrick John Flueger) is an example of this, as is unfortunate Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) whose death is Denny Woods' fault.

Mykelti Williamson to direct one of Chicago Med's Season 7 episodes.

Also, it doesn’t take long for the actor to decide when he's offered a return to the One Chicago franchise. Chicago star P.D. is back, but to fulfill a very different role than Denny Woods.

While there's always a chance we might see Mykelti Williamson return to Chicago P.D. to reprise his role of Denny Woods, given that the character has been alive since he was last seen, the drama star is returning to the franchise, but this time with an unexpected behind-the-scenes role, directing one of the upcoming season 7 episodes of the medical drama Chicago Med, as revealed by Chicago Med star Dominic Rains.

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