Donnie Wahlberg Says Yellowstone's Cole Hauser is the Most Underrated Actor on TV

Blue Bloods Star Praises Hauser's Performance

Yellowstone Donnie Wahlberg Calls Cole Hauser the Most Underrated TV Actor

Donnie Wahlberg, star of "Blue Bloods", isn't the only one impressed by Cole Hauser's acting chops in "Yellowstone." But thanks to Wahlberg's recent tweet, even more people are aware of Hauser's talent.

The Buzz Begins

A couple of months ago, Wahlberg publicly declared "Yellowstone" one of his all-time favorite shows. The show's official account replied with a playful nudge, and Wahlberg doubled down on his praise, calling Hauser's performance "the most underrated on television." He also commended the entire cast and the show's writing.

Hauser as Rip Wheeler

For "Yellowstone" fans, Hauser's portrayal of Rip Wheeler is no secret. Rip serves as the loyal enforcer for John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), the Dutton family patriarch. He's also the long-term love interest of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), John's fierce daughter.

Transforming for the Role

To embody Rip, Hauser underwent a physical transformation, including dyeing his hair and adopting a demanding workout routine focused on horseback riding, rope handling, and cattle work. But the character's depth goes beyond the physical. Rip is a complex character - a man who can be both ruthlessly efficient and surprisingly gentle.

An Instinctive Choice

Hauser might have ended up in a different role on the show. According to a March interview on the Ryen Russillo podcast, series co-creator John Linson offered him a part without specifying which one. Hauser's team initially steered him towards playing a Dutton son.

However, Hauser didn't connect with any of those roles. Instead, he felt drawn to the seemingly minor part of John Dutton's right-hand man. "The one that jumped out at me was Rip," Hauser recalled. "They were like, 'Are you serious? It's just a couple of scenes in the pilot.' But I told them, 'There's something special about this character, I can feel it.'"

Hauser's instincts proved to be right. Rip has become a central character on "Yellowstone" and a beloved character among fans.

A Diverse Acting Career

For viewers accustomed to seeing Hauser as the rugged Rip, his other film roles might come as a surprise. He's appeared in movies like the classic coming-of-age comedy "Dazed and Confused" and the critically acclaimed drama "Good Will Hunting." More recently, he's starred in "The Last Champion" and the upcoming film "Panama."


"Panama" tells the story of a Marine veteran tasked with finalizing an arms deal in Panama. The job throws him into the midst of a real-life military operation, forcing him to confront the realities of political power. Directed by the action-film specialist Mark Neveldine, "Panama" promises a thrilling ride, with Hauser likely showcasing a whole new set of skills, possibly including motorcycle riding.

  1. Normalyn Burton says:

    Since watching Yellowstone I have come to appreciate his diverse acting skills and have begun finding all the films I can watch Brilliant Amazing man 🇳🇿

  2. Lane Lane says:

    He is one awesome man he plays all his movies so great but Yellowstone has it to #1

  3. Kristi Berry says:

    Rip is a great role for Hauser. I wish the series would continue. It’s the best show on TV in a very long time.

  4. Michele Buckley says:

    I believe the first time I saw Cole Hauser act was in Pitch Black with Vin Diesel! Totally different look but no matter how he looks he is a fine actor!

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