Evolution Of The Bicycle, This Is How This Two-wheeled Vehicle Has Changed

  1. We tell you all about the evolution of the bicycle, know the history and the most important changes that this vehicle has undergone.
  2. The Evolution of the Bicycle
  3. History of the modern bicycle

We tell you all about the evolution of the bicycle, know the history and the most important changes that this vehicle has undergone.

Every time you ride your bike you do a complete exercise that keeps you strong and healthy. You also use as transport means that does not pollute the planet, and as if that were not enough, have fun! Know the evolution of the bicycle.

The Evolution of the Bicycle

The first bikes were very different (and less efficient) than today's. We invite you to know the history of this great vehicle.

1790: The great-great-great-grandfather of the bicycle had two wheels set on a rigid wooden frame that was steered by pushing its feet against the ground. It was called CELERÍFERE and was invented by the French COMTE DE SIVRAC.

1816 – German Baron KARL CHRISTIAN LUDWIG DRAIS VON SAUERBRONN built the first two-wheeled vehicle with a steering mechanism. It received the name Draisiana, although in England it was called 'Dandy horse' (elegant horse).

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1839: Scottish blacksmith KIRKPATRICK MACMILLAN improved the DRAISIANA by adding drive pedals and levers.

Thanks to its innovations, cyclists could move forward without touching the ground.

1861: Frenchman PIERRE MICHAUX and his son ERNEST replaced the levers and attached pedals to the front wheel. they also made it bigger than the rear.

Thus was born the MICHAULINA, the first “real” bicycle. It was also known as a velocipede.

By the way, Michaux founded the first bicycle factory.

1869: In this year the modern name of the vehicle was patented: BICYCLE.

History of the modern bicycle

1873: British inventor JAMES STARLEY built the first bicycle that can now be called 'MODERN':

Solid rubber wheels that were mounted on the steel of the rim.

It was very unstable and heavy because the front wheel was three times larger than the rear wheel.

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1880: The French GUILMET and the British HARRY LAWSON manufactured THE SAFE OR LOW BICYCLE:

  • Wheels Of The Same Size.
  • Pedals Attached To A Cogwheel Via Gears.
  • Drive chain that made the rear wheel spin.

1889: John Kemp Starley added brakes and thus created the safety bicycle.

The tires improved considerably thanks to THE CHAMBER (tubular rubber ring filled with air, which isolates the wheel from the ground) invented by JOHN BOYD DUNLOP in 1885.

1896: Cycling became an Olympic sport, and in 1903 the first TOUR DE FRANCE was organized. The design of the bikes was modified to make them LIGHTER AND AERODYNAMIC.

1970: Earlier this year in California, United States, it became fashionable to use the bicycle on dirt roads. Thus was born the popular sport of MOUNTAIN BIKING.

1987: THE TREK COMPANY introduced the first front suspension.



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