Cole Hauser Says Kevin Costner is 'Inspiring' — Taught Him How to Be a 'Gentleman on Set'

Yellowstone Kevin Costner is Inspiring he taught Cole Hauser how to be gentleman on set

Kevin Costner, the stoic rancher John Dutton on "Yellowstone," might surprise fans with his down-to-earth demeanor off-screen. According to co-star Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Costner is as dedicated to his family as he is to his craft.

Hauser, who has become good friends with Costner over the show's five seasons, revealed to Fox News Digital his admiration for his onscreen kin. He was most impressed by Costner's character "before the cameras roll."

"What surprised me most about Kevin was the kind of human being he is," Hauser said. "Beyond the creative genius and the movie star, he's just a regular guy."

Their California roots bonded the actors, and Hauser described learning valuable lessons from Costner's work ethic and demeanor. "I've learned a lot about just being a gentleman on set and a class act overall," he shared.

Hauser admires Costner's dedication to his family. Costner, married for 18 years with three children with wife Christine, also has four adult children from previous relationships. He juggles a demanding career with the joys of fatherhood.

"He's a family man at the end of the day," Hauser said. "He has a wonderful wife and three young kids, and you can tell how much he admires them."

Costner's commitment to his children extends beyond financial support. He prioritizes quality time, even incorporating them into his work life when possible. "He encourages his kids to be independent," Hauser revealed, "and he's just like any other parent trying to figure it all out."

Despite his fame, Costner remains grounded. "He works to provide for his family," Hauser explained. "He sees himself as a provider, and spending time together is a big deal for him."

While fans might picture a glamorous Hollywood life, Costner offers a relatable perspective. "When I'm not making a movie, I'm living a normal life," Hauser quoted Costner. "Taking the kids to stuff, waiting for them at parties – you know, the usual dad stuff."

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  1. In my opinion, this is some of Costners best work. Love the show.

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