Linda Hunt's Charming Home: A 35-Year Love Story

A Home Filled with Love and History

Linda Hunt's Home: A 35-Year Love Story & Design Haven

Linda Hunt is a Hollywood star, and she has a beautiful home designed to suit her style. She's been with her longtime lover Karen Kline for many years.

Linda Hunt is an experienced and influential Hollywood actress who has achieved success in her personal and professional life. She has a well-designed home that she has lovingly crafted over many years. However, before she became well-known in the movie industry, she was a youngster who was often bullied.

Linda Hunt's parents noticed from the very beginning that she had some unusual features. It wasn't until much later that they discovered she had hypopituitary dwarfism, which made her life much harder at first. However, her parents always supported her, letting her develop at her own pace instead of institutionalizing her.

Growing Up: Linda Hunt's Early Years and Challenges

Hunt's mother taught her to read and dream of becoming an actress when she was young. Both her parents took her to the theater, and from there she found her true calling, her passion and followed suit.

Despite their endless support, the Hunts could not protect their daughter from negativity. The actress was bullied at school and often teased for her diminutive size.

These days, she has overcome it all as her acting dreams have come true and taken her to greater heights. Hunt is still active in the industry, and when she's away, she retreats to her elegant home with Karen Kline, her partner of 35 years.

Inside Kline and Hunt's Love Life: A 35-Year Partnership

Hunt's commanding aura precedes her, but that's not the first thing Karen Kline noticed about her. While discussing how they met, Kline shared that she was drawn to Hunt's corduroy pants.

Hunt and Kline, a retired therapist, hit it off from the start, and by 1987 the two were living in their "jewel box" Los Angeles home. The couple made their union official in 2008 and have been happy ever since.

The "Kindergarten Cop" star and Kline don't have any children, but they have three dogs. Hunt has managed to keep her life private, reminiscent of her NCIS character Hetty Mange.

The star once joked that she was very forgiving of her Kline, because she was younger. She also added that she was six years older than him.

Her sense of humor in movies extends beyond her personal life. The star has a keen interest in psychology, and given that Cline used to be a therapist, this could be a catalyst for their connection.

The Couple's Home: A Craftsman-Style Jewel Box

Linda Hunt's bungalow in Hollywood is a contrast between what it looks like from the outside and what is obtainable on the inside.

This bungalow was built in 1919, and it still looks like a traditional artisan home. It is among a line of Hollywood revival-style homes, making it stand out.

Hunt's home is decorated in a craftsman-style, with intricate designs and custom finishes on the doors and walls.

The two-bedroom home features a mix of lavender, green and purple hues to create a homely feel. The couple also painted graphic decorations on their walls. Hunt said of the home:

"This house has whimsy and a special kind of elegance... it's welcoming."

When Hunt and Kline bought the house, they had fun-filled and interesting decor in mind. They had previously bought a craftsman-style home with dark interiors, but they were only "lasted six months," Kline said.

The couple wanted to use more of the space in their current home, and they wanted a more spacious living space where they and their pets could move around freely.

After seeing designer Linda Brettler's work on a kitchen in Hancock Park, Kline and her spouse did some renovations in their home. Brettler started working on the central hallway, which she moved to the south wing.

The hallway was reconstructed and given a stained glass skylight, which made it more illuminated. Brettler then transferred a bedroom close to it into a den and a library. The bedroom also serves as a guest room.

Brettler's inspiration for the den came from Art Deco and Viennese Secessionist Style. This area features black and white cabinets with subtle contrast from purple wall paint and sunflower wall coverings.

Hunt made some input as she worked with Brettler to incorporate some of her New York Magazine clippings on the wall ensuite the bathroom. She stated about the magazine covers:

"From the minute I started saving them, I knew I wanted to do something with them."

The kaleidoscopic wallpaper design in this home created a beautiful and lively illustration. The couple wanted more floor space, so Brettler included an expansive sunroom with dramatic wallpapers and vaulted ceilings for natural light.

Hunt enjoys using the guesthouse for rehearsing her lines for her role as Hetty on "NCIS: LA." Since 2009, she's been an Oscar-winning actress starring in the show.

Linda Hunt's Absence from NCIS: LA: Fans Await Hetty's Return

However, after being noticeably absent from the show in season 13, fans have started to ask questions on NCIS's official Instagram page. With hopes that the character's fate is revealed soon.

After celebrating actress Hunt's 77th birthday, the franchise received many positive social media interactions from fans asking where she had been.

When NCIS was renewed, it was clear that the show's focus would be on other characters. This reduced the prominence of Hunt, who had been a key part of the show for many years. It seems that her character might not be featured very much in the upcoming season.

Fans have since noticed and the birthday post honoring her served as the perfect moment for many to express their concerns. Hetty's fans are anxiously awaiting her return, as the last thing heard or seen was a secret mission in Syria.

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