NCIS Cast Curiosities You Probably Didn't Know

Here are some interesting facts about the cast of NCIS that you probably didn’t know

Although NCIS has been on air for a good 20 years now, but the cool thing is that the cast and crew have been able to keep it fresh and successful. Check out these fun facts about the cast on the series!

NCIS has been around since 2003 and, it's still going strong. Basically, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service and it's all about solving crimes near Washington DC. In fact, it's the top investigative service for the US Department of the Navy.

NCIS Cast Curiosities

The show has been on for 20 whole years, but somehow, the actors, producers, and writers have kept it exciting and unpredictable. Here are 10 things about the cast that you probably never knew.

1 Mark Harmon - Gibbs

Mark Harmon is Leroy Gibbs in the series
Mark Harmon is Leroy Gibbs in the series

NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon is in charge of the NCIS team, but he's not exactly a comedian. Fun fact, Mark Harmon, the actor who plays Gibbs, used to play college football and could have gone pro, but he decided to put his education to use and play Gibbs instead.

The actor also studied communication in college, and his dad is a well-known guy too. Oh, and by the way, his old man is Tom Harmon, the football player who won the Heisman Trophy.

Back in '86, the people voted the actor as "Sexiest Man Alive".

2 David McCallum - Ducky Mallard

Ducky is the coroner in the series

David McCallum plays Dr. Donald Mallard, aka "Ducky", the medical examiner who's always kneeling next to dead bodies on the crime show. He's from Scotland, plays the oboe, and apparently had a short-lived singing career back in the 60s.

At that time, he was like a total hunk, playing a Russian spy in The Man From UNCLE with actor Robert Vaughn.

3 Sean Murray - Timothy McGee

Actor Sean Murray. His mother is married to the creator of the series
Actor Sean Murray. His mother is married to the creator of the series

When he first joined, Agent McGee was like the unit's Boy Scout - all eager and enthusiastic. He used to tease Gibbs but, let's be real, everyone does that. Oh, and by the way, Sean Murray is really into electronic music and he likes to share it on his social media.

Oh, you know the show's creator, Donald Bellisario? Well, McGee' mother is actually married to him.

4 Pauley Perrette - Abby Scuito

Pauley Perrette as the gothic Abby. She studied criminal science
Pauley Perrette as the gothic Abby. She studied criminal science

On the show, the goth chick named Abby Sciuto who was pretty hilarious forensic scientist , she was a total genius when it came to analyzing DNA and stuff. But yeah, the actress who played her, Pauley Perrette, left the show in 2018.

Perrette admits to having a lifelong fascination with crime, and even pursued a master's degree in criminal science prior to embarking on her acting career.

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