NCIS Franchise Future Revealed: Spinoffs, Renewals, Cast Updates, Tiva & More!

The future of the franchise is looking brighter than ever!

Thriving NCIS Franchise Celebrates 1,000th Episode and an Expanding Universe with More to Come

The NCIS franchise is booming! Celebrating its 1,000th episode and boasting a global audience of over 300 million viewers, it's now the largest procedural franchise ever.

To mark this milestone, CBS Studios President David Stapf and CBS' Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach shared insights on the future of the series in an interview with Deadline.

They discussed the expanding NCIS universe, upcoming storylines featuring fan favorites, and more!

Here's a breakdown of the key takeaways:

  • NCIS: The original series is confirmed to continue, with the network eager to keep it running as long as the cast and crew are on board.
  • NCIS: Sydney: This new addition to the franchise was a success, securing a season 2 renewal. Its permanent network placement is still undecided.
  • NCIS: Origins: A prequel series exploring Leroy Jethro Gibbs's early days as an NCIS agent is in development. Mark Harmon will return in a narrator role.
  • Tony & Ziva Spinoff (Untitled): Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are reprising their beloved characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in a brand new series. Filming begins this summer, with a potential CBS premiere.

Crossovers and Guest Appearances:

  • While the "Tony & Ziva" spinoff and "NCIS: Origins" are unlikely to have crossovers due to their settings (present vs. past), future opportunities for connections within the NCIS universe are not ruled out.
  • Mark Harmon's potential involvement in "NCIS: Origins" remains open, with a flash-forward appearance a possibility in later seasons.
  • The return of other former NCIS stars in the "Tony & Ziva" spinoff is not planned initially, but the possibility remains open.
  • Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye in NCIS: LA, has successfully transitioned into directing across multiple NCIS shows, highlighting the interconnectedness of the franchise.

Future of the Franchise:

  • The focus for future spinoffs lies in organic development, ensuring each show has a strong reason to exist within the NCIS universe.
  • Pauley Perrette's return as Abby Sciuto is not currently planned, but the door remains open for her involvement in some capacity.
  • Pauley Perrette
  • The dream for the NCIS franchise is continued audience connection and maintaining the quality that has garnered a global fanbase.
  • Five NCIS shows might not be the limit. New additions are possible if they fit strategically within the universe.

Overall, the NCIS franchise is thriving. With a renewed focus on quality storytelling and organic expansion, the future looks bright for more adventures with these beloved characters.

Head to for the full interview.

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