Pauley Perrette Bought Dinner for Her Entire Neighborhood

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette bought dinner for her neighbors.

Pauley Perrette is going the extra mile to support local businesses and cheer up her neighbors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former NCIS star often posts on social media to share photos from her past or updates about her crazy hospital visits. But a few days ago, she used the platform to encourage followers to order from her favorite Los Angeles restaurant.

“My LA people! Supporting family owned restaurants is a great idea. Please consider ordering from @Micelis1949. They are family to all of us. BEST OLD SCHOOL ITALIAN,” she wrote.

Not too long after, she proved she practices what she preaches. She posted a video explaining that, “I got my whole neighborhood @Micelis1949 take out and Frank Miceli brought it!” She was also quick to clarify, “Everyone took it home to eat, we were distancing!”

In the clip, she reiterated her kind gesture. “I’m putting my Italian food where my mouth was and the entire neighborhood is eating Miceli’s tonight which is awesome,” she said. “Support your local restaurants, support your family owned restaurants.”

Everyone appreciated Pauley’s kindness, with some saying it was “exactly the spirit we should be adopting” while the country is dealing with the spread of COVID-19.

Our favorite response though, was one fan who suggested her NCIS character Abby could put an end to more than just a craving for pasta.

“I’m sure that #AbbySciuto would be able to find the solution and cure for this damned #Coronavirus,”

They wrote.

Let's get this girl back in the lab!

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  1. Wade Kelley says:

    I just read this article about how great thing you did for your neighboors. A special thing indeed.

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