Pauley Perrette's incredible style evolution over the years, from cheerleader to goth

Pauley Perrette

NCIS fans know Pauley Perrette for her now iconic look as Abby Sciuto, but the actress has undergone her own style transformation in recent years.

As a child, Pauley had long blonde hair worn in pigtails as she was a cheerleader but by her late teens and 20s she had taken on a punk style, trailing various styles.

As a member of punk band Lo-Ball, Pauley wore her long blonde beachy waves dyed pink and green, and also in a cropped style with bleached blonde tips.

Her character was known for the gothic look, wearing chokers, black tees and mini-skirts and fishnets, while her hair was always worn in high pigtails and with bangs framing her face.

Pauley once shared that she felt Abby was like an anime character whose appearance couldn't be changed.


Pauley in 2000

But once she left the series, Pauley made a drastic transformation, growing out her bangs and opting for a rainbow look.


Pauley starred in the show for 15 seasons

While she hasn't revealed why she chose to quit her acting career, an alleged altercation on set with co-star Mark Harmon likely went a long way towards her decision.

At the time, rumors had been circling for over a year that the pair had fallen out, and it emerged that in 2016 Mark's dog - who had often been on set of the show - bit a member of the crew, who then reportedly required 15 stitches.

Sources close to the show claimed that Pauley asked for the dog to not be allowed back on set but it allegedly did return, and it was claimed that crew members were fearful to ask for a change in rules because Mark was an executive producer.

The two stars then came to an arrangement with show bosses that meant they were never in the same scene at the same time, but in late 2017 Pauley shared the news that she had quit the series, and told CBS Sunday Morning that although it was her choice she was "still grieving".

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