The Chilling NCIS Scene That Still Gives Fans Goosebumps

The Chilling NCIS Scene That Still Gives Fans The Shivers

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has officially left NCIS and retired to Alaska, but the difficult cases have continued to the end of Season 19 of "NCIS," which has been deemed the most popular CBS show of all time by TV Insider. Many memorable events, some tragic, some explosive, and some completely unexpected, have occurred on the show. Members of Major Case Response are sometimes the targets of direct threats. Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander) was slain in Season 3 and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) was almost killed in Season 2 due to Gibbs's many adversaries.

The difficult choices each character in "NCIS" must make and the repercussions of those selections never fail to send chills down the spines of the show's viewers. This includes Abby Sciuto's (Pauley Perrette) discovery that Gibbs was a murderer in Season 7 and her decision to keep it a secret, as well as Gibbs's near death at the end of Season 12 after being shot by a child in Iraq. The resurrection of Ziva in Season 16 after she had been assumed dead was maybe even more shocking. Of course, it's to be anticipated that a long-running show like "NCIS" would require shocking developments in order to maintain viewers' attention.

However, there have been occasions when viewers thought the show "NCIS" went too far. They get the chills every time they rewatch certain parts because they are so terrifying.

The squad room shooting in Season 19 is chilling

The squad room shooting in NCIS Season 19 is chilling

The conclusion of Episode 2 of Season 19 of "NCIS" is widely regarded as one of the show's most startling and disturbing moments among viewers. In the video's comments section, a few devoted viewers expressed their continued shock. After being captured by the Major Case Response team, the defendant in issue manages to flee from the interrogation room. He places a knife to Kasie Hines' (Diona Reasonover) throat and holds her as a hostage. After pressing the trigger, Gibbs stands alone in the elevator while the rest of the crew in the squad room draws their weapons and tries to calm him down.

According to one reviewer, "this still sends shivers down my spine such a good scene." Another supporter remarked how wonderful and unexpected the conclusion was. Another user chimed in at the same time to stress that nobody crosses Gibbs or his loved ones. This is also true. Gibbs will go to any length to protect his loved ones.

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