This Was Kate Todd' Best Relationship Ever Had While She Was On NCIS

One of the most beloved characters on NCIS to suffer an unfortunate death was Kate Todd, but the only person she had a great friendship with was Abby Sciuto.

This Was Kate Todd's Best Relationship On NCIS Read More:

One of the characters on the long-running CBS show NCIS that left many fans disappointed with her sudden death was Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander). Kate had a strong bond with Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), on the show. Throughout its 18 seasons, NCIS has introduced numerous characters, but Kate's death was particularly impactful.

NCIS: Kate Todd and Tony

The role of Sasha Alexander's character was introduced as a replacement for Vivian Blackadder (Robyn Lively), and quickly became a fan favorite on NCIS.

Kate Todd formed strong bonds on the show, particularly with Abby Sciuto. In both their personal and professional lives, Kate and Abby were close friends, providing each other with trust and support.

They were familiar with each other's histories and personal details, with Abby being the only one aware of Kate's tattoo location. Kate, who was a talented artist, even drew Abby as a bat, which was well-received by the show's fans.

Kate Todd and Abby had a unique relationship

This Was Kate Todd's Best Relationship On NCIS Read More:
NCIS: This Was The Best Relationship Kate Todd, Abby Sciuto Ever Had

Unfortunately, Kate was removed from the series and Abby was deeply affected by her departure as they were close friends. Kate only appeared in flashbacks at the start of season 3.

Later on, it was revealed that Donald Bellisario, the co-creator of NCIS, released Sasha Alexander from her role due to the demanding filming schedule. Although fans blamed Bellisario, it was ultimately Alexander's choice to depart from the show.

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