Tom Selleck feeling Let 'Down' by his Body, Yet he Won't Dye his Hair and Still does 'Grunt Work' on his Ranch

Age and stunts have taken a toll on Tom Selleck's physique, but he maintains a youthful spirit and works hard on his ranch

Tom Selleck Said His Body Let Him Down Yet He Won’t Dye His Hair & Does Grunt Work at His Ranch

Tom Selleck, the ever-charming actor, may acknowledge the limitations of aging, but his spirit remains youthful. At 77, he continues to defy expectations, staying active on his ranch and gracing our screens on "Blue Bloods."

Selleck's career is a testament to his talent. From his iconic role as Magnum P.I. to his current portrayal of Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, he's captivated audiences for decades. Recent rumors of his departure from "Blue Bloods" were quickly quashed, with confirmation of the show's renewal for season 13 and Selleck's return.

Pictured is Tom Selleck (as Magnum) in the CBS television show. | Source: Getty Images

While dedicated to his craft, Selleck isn't shy about the challenges aging brings. He openly discusses the toll past stunts have taken on his body, particularly his back. However, he emphasizes that these experiences are common among his peers.

Honest About Health and Finding Fitness on the Ranch

Selleck combats rumors about his health with a healthy dose of reality. He maintains an active lifestyle, not through conventional gyms, but by working his 63-acre ranch. From clearing brush to planting trees, he finds joy and physical fitness in the great outdoors.

This openness about aging extends beyond physical health. Selleck embraces his salt-and-pepper hair, refusing to succumb to societal pressures of dyeing it. He views his grey hair as a badge of honor, a natural progression of life.

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A Natural Look and a Positive Attitude

Selleck's comfort in his own skin extends to his on-screen persona. There's a clear parallel between him and Frank Reagan, his character in "Blue Bloods." Both exude experience, integrity, and a strong sense of self.

Selleck's positive attitude shines through, demonstrating the power of optimism on health and overall well-being. He's a true inspiration for aging gracefully and actively.


    Remarkable man shows he play in was amazing blue bloods I watch regularly is out this world amazing he plays a respectable part

  2. Vivian A Gallagher says:

    I think you look great don’t dye your hair I like your hair just the way it is. You are a very handsome man I always watch Blue Bloods. Take care of yourself, Vivian A Gallagher

  3. Bille G Grant says:

    I admire you a lot, love you 💕💕💕💕💕 very much. You are still going full force and that's wonderful, I wish I had a ranch to fill time with you and an awesome horse to feel the wind on your face. I, I miss my horse so much and a lot with lots of land to ride. You have So much luck

  4. Barbara McKeown says:

    There is no way to grow old gracefully, yet you look tremendous with the grey in your hair, I refer to my grey locks as merit badges! You stay active on your ranch. You’re active, yet you don’t push yourself beyond your limits . Keep up what you’re doing. You’re very handsome….. love you!

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