Tom Selleck Talks Being A Hunk & Why He Loves His Mom

What a cute little laddie. Grew to be one handsome lad

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Tom Selleck talks about how he got there and why he owes his success to his mother.

Tom Selleck has been granted the honor of being recognized on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. During his speech, he graciously reflects on the journey that led him to this achievement and expresses his gratitude towards his beloved mother, who played a significant role in his success.

"Open Range" Premiere 8/11/2003 Tom Selleck
"Open Range" Premiere 8/11/2003 Tom Selleck Photo by Joseph Martinez

He oozes decency . I just love him

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  1. Claire Lowder says:

    Not only is he the most handsome man I've ever seen. He,s also very nice, funny, smart, and the best man to sit a horse and I love the way he holds his reins. He does't get into the horse's mouth( he doesn't pull on the bit). What else can I say, there won't be another TOM SELLECK!!! He's the greatest!!

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