Twitter seems to be on track with "Super Follows"

It seems that Twitter plans to introduce what it calls "Super Follows" on its service, a kind of premium service where followers can pay tweeters to receive material from them.

Developer and code finder Jane Manchun Wong has found images showing Twitter's "Super followers" interface. According to these, twitter users seem to be able to pay some twitterers to get access to more material. Among the categories mentioned are "Adult content" and "Only fans".

According to the now-found information, in order for a twitterer to be able to get "Super followers", must be over 18 years old, have at least 10,000 followers and has posted at least 25 posts to Twitter in the past month. Twitter has declined to comment on the latest leak so far. In other words, there is no information about, or when, Super followers may appear on Twitter officially.

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