Yellowstone: We Finally Know What Happened To James + Margaret Dutton

It took almost a year, but we now know what happened to James and Margaret Dutton, the main characters of Yellowstone prequel 1883.

The premiere of 1923 on Sunday (Dec. 18) revealed the fate of the remaining Dutton family members from 1883, and the news was pretty grim for fans who had tuned in to the Yellowstone prequel in 2021.

1883 ended with the heartbreaking death of Elsa Dutton (Isabel May), who had been the series' protagonist and narrator. At the time, James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) were left with just their son, John (Audie Rick).

In flashbacks during Yellowstone's Season 4, we find that the couple have added another son, Spencer, but as it turns out, the Yellowstone Season 4 flashback to 1893 that showed James Dutton badly wounded and ended with Margaret screaming was actually his de-ath scene.

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