"The Big Bang Theory" viewers and their strange complaints

You can't please everyone, and even a seemingly harmless sitcom like "The Big Bang Theory" didn't just make people laugh. Some even felt compelled to file an formal complaint - some of the examples are very curious.

A sitcom is supposed to be fun, and for twelve long years, none succeeded as well as "The Big Bang Theory." In 279 episodes, one gag after another was fired, which not only strained the viewers' diaphragms, but has now also found its way into real life - Kaley Cuoco can certainly tell you a thing or two about it.

"Penis" frustration in the "Big Bang Theory" audience

As the article says, this is not simply a quick tweet on the internet. Rather, the complaints were officially filed with Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. government agency in charge of linear television content. It has received so many reports from the public about "The Big Bang Theory" over the years that it's enough for a 45-page document.

Several aspects that many people have encountered are evident here. For example, the series was repeatedly too slippery and dereal for some. This didn't involve explicit swearing or anything like that - the suggestion of profanity was enough. In fact, someone was simply upset about the designation of sexual organs as "genitals" or "male genitals." And even worse, it should be words like these that would stick with the person in question. Another viewer stumbled upon the word "dick," the slang word for "penis," and felt that the word was highly offensive and objectionable, and had no place in a show with a family-friendly rating. As a crowning example, the term "horse ****" was noted.

In addition to such rather strange examples, there are also those that address other very concrete problems. In some broadcasts, the subtitles, which are so important for hearing-impaired people, apparently disappeared or they were massively error-prone, whereby even entire parts were not translated.

Quite possibly, the list of complaints for "The Big Bang Theory" would reveal many more oddities. However, it should also be noted that most of them revolve around certain commercials that were shown during the show. One was mentioned was for the animated series "Family Guy": "It showed an overweight man on all fours with his shirt off and his breasts being milked by another man. I don't have kids, but I can imagine if I had any, I'd have to explain to them what they just saw on TV. "

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