Blue Bloods season 14 likely to be show’s shortest season ever

Blue Bloods season 14 likely to be show’s shortest season ever

Blue Bloods is dealing with the same issues that all scripted shows are. The writer and actors strikes have led networks to delay their scripted shows to 2024, and fill the holes in their fall schedules by relying more heavily on game shows and reality competitions (neither requires writers or actors).

It makes sense, and the delay is understandable, given the desire that writers and actors have for better working conditions, but it seems as though the delay is going to impact the shows beyond their release date. Because they will be premiering at the top of the year, they will likely have less time to prepare (and release) new episodes.

How many episodes in Blue Bloods season 14?

Warren Leight, the former showrunner for Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent, recently posted about the challenges of meeting deadlines on Twitter. He pointed out that the longer the writers and actors strikes go on, the less time studios will have to prepare for their 2024 schedule.

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“Today many network dramas would have begun shooting their 4th episode of the fall season,” Leight revealed. “If the strike were somehow to end by Labor Day and shooting were to begin in early fall, the networks might be able to salvage a 13 episode season. The clock keeps ticking.”

In a follow up to a fan’s question, the former showrunner asserted that a typical writers room will need at least five weeks to develop scripts before a show goes into production. He did, however, acknowledge that things may be sped up given the special circumstances. “Normally the writers room opens up 5 weeks before shooting begins,” he explained. “That could be condensed for a shorter season.” Blue Bloods would undoubtedly be one of the shows affected by this schedule.

Unfortunately, the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) have been at a stalemate for over 100 days, and outlets like TV Line suggest that things could extend well into October. We hope that things get resolved as soon as possible, and that scripted TV like our beloved Blue Bloods is able to churn out a satisfying (albeit shorter) season.

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