Curiosities of sea pigs, strange sea creatures

Sea pigs are detrital feeders, eating bits of decaying plant material

We find more and more strange and curious creatures. Today we will talk about the curiosities of the sea pig. The curious facts of the marine pigs that will surprise you.

These interesting animals are commonly known as sea pigs, but in reality, they are a species of sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms, a group of marine animals that include sea urchins and starfish.

Curiosities of sea pigs, strange sea creatures

Curiosities of the sea pig

  1. Its name, «sea pig», comes from his pink color, and his thick legs, which makes one think of a pink pig.
  2. The «sea pig», is fed by extracting organic particles from the sea mud, so he uses the smell to find his favorite food sources, among which are the whale carcasses.
  3. They live in the deepest part of the ocean. They lie in the abysmal depths of the world’s oceans, about 5 kilometres below the sea surface. Hence, it is impossible to see them personally.
  4. They walk on the seabed. They have five to seven pairs of legs. These «legs» are hydraulically actuated by appendages that can be inflated and deflated to move, which carry on the top, which look like antennas.
  5. The appendages above are not antennae, they are also legs. Although they look like antennas, the structures on top of the sea pig’s head are actually legs. These upper papillae are modified as tube feet, like "walking feet". They can help propel the sea pig across the ocean, or they can have a sensory function, which helps them detect the chemical trail of a tasty meal, explains the Sea View site.
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