NCIS Legend: David McCallum Surpasses Mark Harmon in Episode Count

David McCallum just beat Mark Harmon’s record for most episodes on the show

The record with which David McCallum dethroned Mark Harmon in the crime drama NCIS

NCIS is one of the longest-running crime dramas on television and it has been on the air for over fifteen years. Actor David McCallum recently passed Mark Harmon's record for most episodes played on the show.

NCIS, the beloved CBS crime drama, has reached a significant milestone with its 450th episode. While many actors have contributed to the show's success, David McCallum, known for his portrayal of the iconic medical examiner Ducky Mallard, has surpassed Mark Harmon's record for the most episodes on the show.

NCIS Actor Dethroned Mark Harmon For Most Participation In NCIS Episodes
NCIS Actor Dethroned Mark Harmon For Most Participation In NCIS Episodes

Throughout its 20-season run, NCIS has seen various cast members come and go. Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo, appeared in 308 episodes, and Pauley Perette, who played Abby Sciuto, starred in 354. Mark Harmon, who departed as Leroy Gibbs in season 19, reached 435 episodes, an impressive feat surpassed by McCallum, who now stands at 453 episodes.

David McCallum as Ducky Mallard on NCIS, smiling while examining evidence.
David McCallum has been in a total of 453 episodes of NCIS so far, while Mark Harmon has only 435.

McCallum's enduring presence on the show, even after his retirement as a regular cast member in season 15, is a testament to his contribution to the NCIS legacy. His knowledge and expertise as the agency's historian continue to provide invaluable assistance in solving challenging cases. Sean Murray, who plays Agent Timothy McGee, is close behind McCallum with 437 episodes, while Brian Dietzen and Rocky Carroll are also in the running to catch up.

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