Did you know that the enigmatic red-lipped batfish uses its fins as 'legs' to walk?


The red-lipped batfish is one of the strangest and most mysterious fish. If he can't swim very well and use his fins to walk, what's the problem?

The Red-lipped Batfish is an unusual sea creature. Not only is he visually funny, but he is not very good at swimming. Instead, he uses its fins to walk on the seabed.

Red Fish is known for its unusual ability to walk on the seabed using its fins, which look like hands.

It seems he's not the only fish that uses his fins for walking and not swimming.

The red-liped batfish lives in the depths, 75 meters away. It inhabits the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands and is an expert in surviving on the seabed.

The red-lipped batfish lives in the depths, and is an expert at surviving on the seabed. It inhabits the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands.

The red-liped batfish uses its fins to walk


To explain, this fish does nothing, but it does it extremely badly. It walks on the sand using its fins as legs. Bit by little, he moves in search of food, but if he wants to move faster, he utilizes its tail to acquire propulsion and pushes its 'pelvic' fins that are under its body.

The red-lipped batfish has a fleshy appendage on its head called illicium, which contains a lure that emits chemicals and is believed to help attract small fish and invertebrates for food.


Another fish that has a bioluminescent Ilicium on its head like a lamp, is the balloon fish

Undoubtedly, the red-lipped batfish is one of the most enigmatic fish that exist, as its red lips may serve as a mating signal, though it is not known with certainty for science.

Its predators are unknown, and the marine world is so fascinating that we never stop learning new things.

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