Electric supercar with quattro feeling

Elegend is a new company that has developed an electric car heavily inspired by the Quattron, called the Elegend EL1. It's much faster, the electric motor delivers around 816 horses and 0-100 to run in under 2.8 seconds, with 0-200 coming in under 10 seconds. The battery has a capacity of 90 kWh, the range is 400 km and the system is designed to work on the track; it should be able to complete two laps around the Nuerburgring without losing performance. But the car is gatlegal.

Otherwise it's sporty with adjustable dampers and other features, but aside from the aesthetics, there's not that much that's exceptional, at least not on paper. Yes, the price. 890,000 euros plus VAT, you have to pay. Is it worth it?


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