Ferrari releases fairly reasonable charging hybrid

Now Ferrari presents a slightly more moderate charging hybrid, their first one (SF90 Stradale) was a bit crazy. The car is called the 296 GTB and has a newly developed V6 that delivers 663 horses. Together with an electric motor of 163 horses, the 296 delivers 830 horses and 740 Nm. The weight is 1470 kilos and 0-100 is said to run in 2.9 seconds. 0-200 runs at a pretty high of 7.3 and the top speed is set at 330 km/h.

Even though this is a plug-in hybrid, don't expect to be able to run all your errands on electricity alone. The battery is only 7.45 kWh and should last for 2.5 miles, so you'll at least get as far as the kiosk before you "have" to enjoy the V6.

If you had to drag race the new 296 GTB against ONE car, what would it be? Let us know BELOW!

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