Tom Selleck Reveals He Was Scared Guest-Starring on Friends

Tom Selleck confessed to feeling incredibly nervous, even "scared to death," when he joined the cast of "Friends" as Monica's love interest, Dr. Richard Burke. Thankfully, his co-star Courteney Cox helped him adjust to the fast-paced world of sitcom acting.

Friends With Butterflies: Tom Selleck Reveals Guest Star Jitters

Tom Selleck, the charming actor known for his roles in "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods," surprised fans with a recent confession. Despite his on-screen confidence, Selleck admits he was "scared to death" when he guest-starred on the beloved sitcom "Friends."

Selleck, who played Dr. Richard Burke, Monica Geller's (Courteney Cox) love interest, opened up about his experience on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." He explained that joining an established show mid-run can be daunting for any actor.

"The hardest thing is to guest on a show," Selleck said. "I try to relax the new actors because that's really hard to come on a show where everybody's up to speed."

He admitted to some initial struggles, even joking, "I wasn't amazing at what they call the table read." But his anxieties quickly faded. "Courteney helped a lot," Selleck said, praising his co-star. He also acknowledged the cast's genuine camaraderie, which translated to a positive work environment. "That group's an incredible group of friends," he said. "They obviously became friends in life as well as on the show. And it shows. It was a wonderful place to work."

Selleck's initial nerves are surprising considering his character's popularity. Dr. Richard became a fan favorite, appearing in nine episodes across multiple seasons. While his relationship with Monica ultimately ended, Selleck's portrayal left a lasting impression.

This anecdote highlights the pressure even seasoned actors can feel when stepping outside their comfort zones. But for Selleck, the experience turned out to be a positive one, thanks to a supportive cast and a welcoming atmosphere on the set of "Friends."

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