10-Year-Old Girl's Dying Wish: A Wedding Before Goodbye

Emma Edwards and DJ Williams Share a Bittersweet Ceremony Before Leukemia Takes Its Toll

Dying girl, 10, who dreamed of being a wife 'weds' childhood sweetheart

Emma Edwards, a bright-eyed 10-year-old from Walnut Cove, North Carolina, always dreamed of getting married. Little did she know that her dream would be fulfilled under the most poignant of circumstances.

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in April 2022, Emma initially showed promising signs of recovery. However, her parents, Alina and Aaron Edwards, were devastated when doctors revealed the cancer was incurable, leaving Emma with just days to live.

In a race against time, Emma's and DJ's mothers, along with their community, rallied to organize a heartwarming mock wedding. In less than two days, a garden ceremony was arranged, attended by over 100 guests who witnessed the couple exchange vows.

"It was so precious, and it came together so well," said Alina, Emma's mother. "Her dad gets to say he gave her away. A friend of ours officiated, a friend read a verse from the Bible, and her best friend was maid of honor."

Emma and DJ were "married" in a mock ceremony on June 29, 2023.
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Emma's story touched the hearts of many, even reaching local race car drivers at Bowman Gray Stadium, who sported "Emma's Army" stickers on their cars in a show of support and fundraising effort.

"Most kids want to go to Disneyland, but Emma wanted to get married, be a wife and have three kids," Alina shared. "She was a sweetheart. I always say we must have made marriage look really fun because that's all she wanted."

Emma passed away peacefully 12 days after her dream wedding, leaving behind a legacy of love and resilience. Her story serves as a reminder of the power of community, the importance of cherishing every moment, and the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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