Grey's Anatomy: Fans claim Mark and Lexie Grey' romance is overrated

One of the most popular relationships on Grey's Anatomy was between Mark Sloan and Meredith's sister Lexie Grey, and while viewers loved that relationship, some fans now believe the couple was overrated.

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) joined Grey's Anatomy cast in 2007 and was treated with hostility by Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey); he later had a redemption storyline with Meredith's sister, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), however some felt their relationship was overrated.

Looking back on the story: Derek and Mark were once great friends and had met in New York during their studies and internships.

However, their friendship became complicated when Mark slept with Derek's wife, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). This prompted Derek to leave New York and move to Seattle, where he found a job at Seattle Grace and love with Meredith.

Then, in Grey's Anatomy, Mark got a job as a plastic surgeon at Seattle Grace, and soon all the residents of the hospital couldn't help but be charmed by him until he met Lexie and eventually their relationship was born.

Grey's Anatomy: The writers of the series tried to create a happy love story

Fans have been excited about Mark and Lexie's relationship since they first met. Many were impressed with Mark's transformation from bad boy to loving man.

Although the storytelling attempted to create a love story between the two, it only allowed for a relationship that most viewers thought was overrated.

Many fans feel that Mark and Lexie are only together for a few episodes and always play off each other, and that they long for each other for an entire season, despite having a toxic relationship.

Undoubtedly, the writers of Grey's Anatomy have always favored this relationship by exaggerating it more than necessary and trying to show a story with a happy ending, although they failed to do so by predicting the death of both characters.

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