Grey's Anatomy: The worst love breakups presented in ABC's medical drama

Although "Grey's Anatomy" is full of epic romances, there were a few occasions when characters ended their relationships for the worst reasons on the ABC show.

Many breakups on Grey's Anatomy are frustrating and uncomfortable to watch, while others appear perplexing and make no sense, leaving fans wondering why these couples broke up in the first place.

Callie left Penny to spend more time with Sophia

Grey's Anatomy: Callie and Penny's breakup no longer makes sense to fans

After dating Penny (Samantha Sloyan) for a while, Callie (Sara Ramirez) decided to move to New York City with her, so it was definitely surprising when Callie broke up with her. She said she wanted to be closer to Sophia and didn't want a long distance relationship.

Penny and Callie's breakup seemed random and came out of nowhere, as they didn't seem to have any major issues and not much time or explanation was given for this breakup.

Meredith walking away from Derek out of fear

Although Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) got back together after he admitted her marriage was over, she had engagement problems so they broke up.

Grey's Anatomy: The reasons for the distance between Meredith and Derek never made sense

Derek knew that Meredith had a hard time being vulnerable in her personal life because she had always experienced pain and loss. It looks like they could have stayed together and worked it out, or slowed the pace of their relationship. Given the epic nature of their later relationship, this separation seems odd.

Owen wanted to divorce Cristina for personal interests

In season 9, Owen (Kevin McKidd) wanted to divorce Cristina (Sandra Oh), but she discovered he did so because he was working on the plane crash survivors' settlement.

He was well aware that lawyers wanted their marriage to be a conflict of interest so that they could get away with it without having to pay anyone anything. While Owen's heart was in the right place here, that wasn't the true reason he knew his marriage was over, and he could have handled it much better.

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang had gotten too hurt and had to break up as they didn't feel the same way about starting a family on the ABC series Grey's Anatomy.

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