How Cole Hauser From "Yellowstone" Stays Totally Ripped

If you want to swoon over someone who always knows how to get the job done, follow John Dutton's lead and simply turn to "Yellowstone's Rip Wheeler, aka Cole Hauser.

The man is, well, totally ripped. (Pun intended!) Heck, PEOPLE Magazine even dubbed our favorite ranch hand and cowboy one of America's sexiest men alive, and we totally support that title. If you're crushing on this fit cowboy and/or wondering how he stays in the best shape, keep reading to learn more.

Cole Hauser has a very persistent, dedicated mindset, just like his character Rip Wheeler. In fact, prior to attending cowboy camp to prep for the "Yellowstone" series, Hauser fell off a horse on another movie set and suffered a broken back. He didn't dwell on it, but rather learned quickly that it was important to get right back up. Hauser shares, "It was like the old saying … you just gotta get back on the horse and do it. My back was so bad I couldn't move around very well, and so I lost strength in my stomach. What riding ended up doing is strengthening my back and my core" (via Men's Journal). Hey—you don't get ripped by sitting around, just saying!

In order to get into "horse shape" for his character on "Yellowstone," Cole Hauser does intense training.

Cole Hauser
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The 47-year-old actor, husband, and father of three works hard preparing for his roles, and it's clear he stays in stellar shape. Hauser needs to have a fit physique for his character in "Yellowstone," and doing so involves intense training. According to Outsider, Hauser says, "Being in horse shape is a lot different than being in gym shape," and tells Men's Journal he clocks in a lot of hours training on a horse.

According to Healthline, riding a horse is a truly amazing workout. It's a way to build coordination, balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility. And that's not all! It is an intense cardio session, sharpens the mind, and strengthens your back, abs, thighs, and pelvis.

Having to complete "cowboy camp" before filming, Hauser knows the importance of building strong legs and a strong core.

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The day after riding for a full day feels the same as any intense full-body workout. Hauser explains that everything hurts, from his legs to his hips and back. His neck and shoulders get a workout as well from roping exercises. Having to complete "cowboy camp" before filming, Hauser reveals the importance of building strong legs and a strong core, saying, "There are a lot of people who think you're using the reins to steer your horse, but actually a lot of it happens through the legs and putting the right amount of pressure there with the saddle tongue."

Training kicks off for Hauser "weeks before the season starts" so he's able to get in lots of riding beforehand. Week one is brutal, but the actor says, "The pain is no joke, but that's just like training for anything. The time has to be put in." He also notes, "I've been beat up quite a bit over the years. But at the end of those three weeks, I'm ready to go" (via Outsider).

According to Hauser's Instagram account, the actor really enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, ATVing through the snow, boating, hiking, and dirt biking with the family. Of course, you'll also see a ton of photos of him on a horse, and he even tossed around a football with Tom Brady. Rip Wheeler won the respect and love of fans with all he does at John Dutton's ranch, and we are all waiting in excited anticipation for season 5, which comes out on November 13, 2022.

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