The world’s Smallest Adorable Chameleon

The smallest reptile on the planet is a mini chameleon, or nano chameleon. The world’s smallest chameleon barely measures a thumb from the tail to nose, so we understand why it’s so hard to spot them.

The brookesian chameleon is a genus of chameleons from Madagascar and is collectively known as the leaf chameleons. They belong to one of the smallest reptile groups in the world.

But the one that stands out for its size is brookesia nana, the nano-chameleon.

Brookesia Nana

Do you know how tall he is? The chameleon nana measures only 2.5 centimeters, this being the smallest chameleon in the world (for now, until a smaller one is discovered).

This mini chameleon was only discovered in 2021 and is now considered one of the smallest reptiles on the planet.

Scientists believe that this tiny chameleon feeds on mites and microscopic animals, which it hunts in the grass of Madagascar.

They are known to be located only in an area of a few square kilometres. It is believed that they may be endangered by habitat destruction.

Brookesia micra, the smallest old chameleon

The Brookesia micron measures about 29 millimeters. Until the discovery in 2021 of the even smaller brookesia nana, it was considered the smallest chameleon on the planet.

Brookesia micra. Photo by Frank Glaw in Wikimedia
Brookesia micra. Photo by Frank Glaw in Wikimedia

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