Kevin Costner’s steamy photos through the years are sure to tantalize your senses!

The "Yellowstone" star has been a total hunk since day 1.

Kevin Costner is one of Hollywood's most iconic actors, and his performance in Yellowstone playing John Dutton has been stopping hearts. His work in The Postman, Dances With Wolves, and Field of Dreams is legendary, and his appeal extends far beyond just moviegoers.

Looking back at Kevin's illustrious career so far, it's clear just how talented and handsome he's been. Thanks to this slideshow, you'll have a great appreciation for all that he's done.

1. Silverado, 1985


Kevin looks like he belongs on a horse at Drummond Ranch here! This was a promotional photo for his movie Silverado back in the mid ‘80s. He played Jake, one of a few misfits who come together to seek justice in a small town.

2. No Way Out, 1987

Ooeee, who can resist a man in uniform? This photo was from No Way Out, a thriller which also starred Gene Hackman, Sean Young, and Iman.

3. Bull Durham, 1988

This was around the time Kevin was making Bull Durham, the baseball movie that came before Field of Dreams. Susan Sarandon starred opposite Kevin, so you know it was a good one!

4. Bull Durham, 1988

Bull Durham, 1988

We couldn’t resist a look at him actually playing Crash Davis, too. Even though Bull Durham was a sports flick, it was undeniably a fiery romance one, too.

5. Field Of Dreams, 1989


And then came Field of Dreams! Few can forget the supernatural-ish sports movie about a man who turns his cornfield into a baseball field. “If you build it, they will come" still gives us chills!

6. Kevin With His Kids, 1990


Here, Kevin is pictured with son Joe and daughter Lily, his children with first wife Cindy Costner. Lily is 34 now and Joe is 33. It's crazy how time flies!

7. Dances With Wolves, 1990


Dances With Wolves won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Directing. It's on Netflix now, so if you want your fix of watching Kevin as Lieutenant Dunbar you better get to it!

8. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, 1991


The tale is as old as time, but this version with Kevin is one of the best. Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Christian Slater, and Alan Rickman were all in it, too. That's hard to beat.

9. The Postman, 1998


The Postman was an interesting action movie about post-apocalyptic America. He played a nameless man who, you guessed it, dressed up like a postman and tried to inspire a group of survivors.

10. Kevin Costner & Modern West In Concert, 2015


This may come as a surprise, but Kevin is actually in a band! It's called Kevin Costner & Modern West and you can check out more about it here.

11. Yellowstone, 2018


And here we are back at Yellowstone! Even though there are rumors that Kevin might be leaving in the next season, we sincerely hope to get more of John and the rest of the Duttons at least for a few more years. Only time will tell! Until then, at least we have this photo of him as a cowboy.

From: The Pioneer Woman

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