Kelly Reilly talks about Beth Dutton and why she's proud to be part of Yellowstone

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly spoke with WFAA Friday night before the Careity Foundation's celebrity cutting horse event in Fort Worth.

This year, the foundation hosted three of the original cast members of Yellowstone: Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), Jefferson White (Jimmy), and Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd).

"I've never been here. I just got off the plane, and now I'm having a drink talking to you," Reilly told WFAA.

Fun fact, Reilly grew up riding even though her character doesn't do it very much on the show.

"I was in polo club, and I used to go out and exercise the horses," Reilly said.

She also is aware that her character is a fan favorite.

I'm so proud of the work. I'm proud to be part of the show, and it's exciting," Reilly said.

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