Kevin Costner 'didn't cheat, didn't know why' after 18 years of divorcing' shock

There are some pictures floating around of Kevin Costner getting cozy with two ladies just before his ex-wife filed for divorce. Looks like it's time to spill the tea on his alleged cheating.

Christine apparently filed for divorce from Costner on Monday. She had told him to quit Yellowstone for the sake of their family, but he didn't listen. This outlet was the first to report on it.

But, did you know Costner was actually married to Cindy Silva before Christine? They tied the knot in 1978, but unfortunately ended up getting a divorce 16 years later due to being caught up in one of Hollywood's major cheating scandals.

Cindy ended her almost 20-year marriage with Costner when she found out he had hired a hula dancer to perform just for him during a movie shoot in Hawaii.


The Dances With Wolves star was really upset about the break-up, and sources say Kevin even begged Cindy to reconsider the divorce.

According to a family friend, Kevin's been calling Cindy and practically begging for her to give him another chance. He's really stressing out about how things went down and wants to get back with her.

"He tells her, 'I can't concentrate on work. I can't sleep at night. You have to take me back.'"

Kevin Costner with his second wife, Christine SOURCE: MEGA

But Cindy, who was seen socializing out in town after they broke up, just couldn't let it go.

According to a friend, Cindy thinks she's in control. Another source said she warned her partner that she won't put up with any cheating. Even though he promised to change, she's still skeptical.

Insiders said that because of Costner's past, it might be easier said than done.

According to the Oscar winner's close friends, it was tough for the actor to stay out of trouble because women found him irresistible.

Before the hula-girl incident, a hot nightclub chick said she hooked up with Costner when he was filming Robin Hood in London back in '90. Crazy, huh?

Kevin Costner with his second wife, Christine SOURCE: MEGA

One friend mentioned that Kevin was totally shocked that his attempts to convince Cindy didn't do the trick.

"He's finding out that his wife is a lot stronger person than he thought. In fact, when he's called Cindy begging to meet with her, she's flatly refused. That's driving him crazy."

In the end, Costner's begging didn't do squat. Cindy ended up with around 80 mil in the divorce settlement. A couple years later, the actor had a son with Pittsburg Steelers heiress Bridget Rooney, before finding his second wife.

Skipping ahead to his second divorce, it looks like Costner finally got smart. He allegedly had a prenup in place for his second marriage, making sure his $250 million moolah was safe and sound.

So, Christine officially filed for divorce on Monday. Apparently, they couldn't work things out and she cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. But, word on the street is that Kevin Costner's busy schedule filming Yellowstone was a big issue for them.


In October, Christine was getting fed up with Costner being gone for months while filming that popular Paramount show in Montana. She just wanted him around more for their three kids, ya know?

“This really made a hole in their family life,” a friend said at the time.

Sources say she told him to quit using his Yellowstone saddle or face consequences. It's not clear if Costner will be back on the show, and fans are getting annoyed with the lack of information, especially given his recent marital issues.

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