LEGO releases three new Mandalorian Vehicle Sets

LEGO has once again partnered with Lucasfilms and Disney to create some new Star Wars kits. This time it's three new builds from the second season of the popular TV series The Mandalorian.

One of these three vehicles is for the Imperial Armored Marauder, which Greef Karga and Mando stole in the episode "The Siege". This set consists of 478 pieces and contains four minifigures.

Another building from the Space Empire is the Imperial Light Cruiser, which is Moff Gideon's ship and consists of 1,336 pieces. This build comes with the minifigures Mando, Moff Gideon, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune, a Dark Trooper and Grogu.

Perhaps the most interesting build of these three is probably Boba Fett's iconic ship Slave One. It consists of 593 pieces and comes with the minifigures Mando and Boba Fett.

All three sets will be released this summer on August 1.

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