Meghan Markle Opens Up About Happiness, Family, and Growth in New Interview

The Duchess of Sussex shares insights into her life with Prince Harry and their children after a recent trip to Nigeria.

Meghan & Harry Radiate Joy in Nigeria, Highlight Family Growth and Meaningful Work

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expressed their joy and fulfillment during a recent trip to Nigeria, emphasizing their happiness as they watch their family grow. The couple spoke about the "really meaningful" tour, focusing on causes close to their hearts and witnessing the positive impact of their work.

Prince Harry's Deep Connection to Africa Shines on Nigeria Visit

Prince Harry reiterated his deep connection to Africa, expressing his delight in including Nigeria in their travels. The couple's visit aimed to promote mental health awareness for soldiers and empower youth, aligning with their ongoing commitment to social causes.

Meghan's Positive Outlook Amidst Past Royal Challenges

Despite past challenges within the royal family, Meghan's positive outlook during the tour highlights a focus on their present endeavors and growing family. The couple's shared enthusiasm for their journey together signals a united front as they continue to make a positive impact.

Prince Harry and Meghan during their tour of Nigeria as they visited Abuja

Royal Family Dynamics and Recent Tour Context

Meghan and Harry's Nigeria tour occurred amidst changes in the royal family's schedule due to health reasons and other factors. Their visit aimed to promote their causes, not highlight any perceived gaps in the royal family's workload.

Meghan's Journey from Royal Challenges to Personal Happiness

Meghan's positive outlook contrasts with past disclosures about feeling isolated and experiencing mental health challenges while a working royal. However, she and Harry seem focused on their present endeavors and growing family, expressing happiness and fulfillment in their current lives.

Meghan helps take a selfie as Harry watches at the Wuse Lightway Academy in Abuja last week

Queen Elizabeth's Lasting Sentiment and the Couple's Continued Advocacy

Following Queen Elizabeth II's passing, her statement affirming the Sussexes as cherished members of the royal family resonated. During their Nigeria tour, Harry and Meghan engaged in various activities promoting mental health for soldiers and empowering young people, aligning with their ongoing advocacy efforts.

Archewell Foundation's Status Clarified After Administrative Misunderstanding

The Archewell Foundation's status in California's Registry of Charities and Fundraisers was briefly listed as "delinquent" due to an administrative issue regarding a payment. However, after an investigation, the foundation confirmed that payments were made promptly, and all necessary paperwork was filed correctly. The foundation's status was rectified to "current," affirming its good standing.

Prince Harry and Meghan at the Dream Big Basketball Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria, last Sunday

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