Miranda Lambert: I Love My Curves!

After Being Body-shamed On Social Media, The Country Star Is More Confident Than Ever.

HAPPY PLACE “Miranda’s bored of all this stigma and the hang-ups that people have with their weight,” says an insider. “For her, it’s refreshing to just be who she is.”

The full-figured country singer isn’t stressing over her recent weight gain.

MIRANDA Lambert celebrated a break from her Las Vegas residency with some delicious, calorie-laden food cooked up by her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. “Ain’t no welcome home like some homemade happiness,” the 38-yearold posted Oct. 11 alongside a clip showing off cheese-smothered chicken parm and fettuccini Alfredo.

“Miranda and Brendan love cooking up gourmet lunches and dinners together,” an insider tells Star. “They’ll share a glass of wine and put some music on.”

The comfort food comes with a side of body confidence.

The country star, who dropped a dress size in March, was fat-shamed on social media in August when a clip of her performing in short shorts went viral. Fans quickly jumped in to defend the Texas-born singer, but Miranda isn’t caving to unrealistic standards.

“My whole life I’ve struggled with ups and downs in weight,” she’s acknowledged. “I’m only 5-foot-4, so weight shows quickly on me.”

Now after trying “every diet,” she’s loving herself just as she is, says the insider. “She used to pay a lot more attention to criticism about her figure,” adds the source.

“Lately she couldn’t care less because she’s confident in who she is and has learned it’s not necessarily sexy to be scrawny.” It doesn’t hurt that her ex-cop hubby also admires her figure. Says the source, “Brendan loves Miranda with some curves on her.”

Buon appetito!

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