Miranda Lambert Rescued hundreds of Dogs and Pets. It's proof that kindness exists

Real fact: Miranda Lambert is a true country music superstar.

Miranda Lambert is a bona fide country music superstar
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

She also happens to be a huge dog lover, and the founder of Mutt Nation — an organization committed to promoting the adoption of shelter pets.

Miranda Lambert huge dog lover
Rick Diamond / Getty Images

In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Mutt Nation has already stepped up and ensured that over 70 dogs were rescued and safely transported to a shelter in Oklahoma.

And they are already headed back for more pups.

Miranda herself has even taken in some new "roommates" — a rescued mama and her newborn puppies.

Lambert posted a photo with one of the dogs

Keep up the amazing work, Miranda! 💖 🐶 💖

Miranda Lambert Vevo / Via youtube.com

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