More than 50% of Cosmetics contain Pfas, chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health problems

More than half of the cosmetics on the market contain chemicals ultimately linked to problems such as cancer and low birth weight.

Many people's morning routine takes at least 30 minutes to apply various types of cosmetics on their skin. However, the use of these products is subject to a number of lasting chemical reactions in the body that can lead to serious health conditions . In some cases, according to a recent study, they can cause cancer after years of constant use.

Beyond the eyeliner

Beyond the eyeliner
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Aside from the pollution caused by single-use plastics, the constant use of cosmetics on the skin can also be linked to permanent chemical exposure in the body. The problem, according to research, lies in "highly persistent and potentially harmful" compounds known as PFASs.

This acronym stands for "perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances" which can linger in the body for years. PFAS have been linked to high cholesterol levels, thyroid disease, and other sensitive conditions. However, centuries must pass in the environment before they break down.

According to the American team of scientists who conducted the study, PFASs were detected in 52% of the 200 products studied. The result was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, warns of the harmful effects that certain types of make-up can have on health.

The harm of cosmetics is not limited to the human body

The harm of cosmetics to the body
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To date, the risky effects of makeup and the link to PFAS are unclear. However, the fact is that the damage is not limited to the human body. On the contrary, as soon as these substances come into contact with wastewater in drains, cosmetics continue their journey, affecting drinking water and certain ecosystems.

Due to the amount of fluoride in lip products, fresh water can become unhealthy for human consumption. The same goes for certain types of eyeliner and base that are often used as waterproof.

Just as they are harmful to the environment, PFASs found in some cosmetics remain in the body for long periods of time. By interacting with the body, they can eventually trigger some types of cancer. In pregnant women, they can even cause foetal illness before birth.

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