There's a chance Mark Harmon might make a comeback on this NCIS episode

NCIS premiered its 20th season on CBS without Mark Harmon. It's the first time the show has ever aired without the iconic special agent Leroy Gibbs.

NCIS is the naval criminal investigation drama that premiered on the CBS broadcast network in 2003 and tells the lives of special agents who work in the service attached to the Navy and to follow cases of cr*imes committed by personnel military. The series debuted in 2003 and recently reached its 20th season, but without the character who has been at the forefront of all the stories since the first installment.

While it is confirmed that the actor who played Special Agent Leroy Gibbs on NCIS called it quits, there's a chance he might come back for one specific episode. In the fourth episode of Season 19, they said goodbye to Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, who decided to leave his job and live a peaceful life in Alaska.

Mark Harmon could return with season 21 or 22 of NCIS

Many fans were hoping Leroy Gibbs would show up for before season 19 was over

However, that did not happen. Right now, Alden Parker (Gary Cole), a former FBI agent, is running the show and leading the team of agents. Fans have watched him jump into all the different storylines and take on risky situations.

Despite his screen exit, Mark Harmon continued to appear in the credits of NCIS Season 19. Even though the actor didn't reprise his role, he's still one of the executive producers of the procedural drama. Now, with season 20 coming, fans were surprised to not see the name of the iconic actor Leroy Gibbs anywhere.

Mark Harmon will return as Leroy Gibbs for NClS season 19 in a recurring role
Mark Harmon is likely to appear in the 500th episode of NCIS

Yeah, it's pretty clear that since he's not in the NCIS credits anymore, fans don't have any hope of him coming back to the show. However, there's one episode of the CBS drama that might bring him back. Although that won't happen in Season 20, he might reappear with a cameo.

Mark Harmon might appear in NCIS Season 21 or 22. Remember that this is a series that usually releases 23 episodes with each installment. Since the 400th episode aired on the second of the seventeenth, it's possible that they'll bring it back for the 500th next year, as according to CBS President, Mark Harmon has the door open to the show.

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