NCIS: LA Season 14 - One Improvisation Brings Tears to Daniela Ruah' Eyes

Improvised Moment In NCIS LA Season 14 Had Daniela Ruah In Tears

Daniela Ruah really nailed her role as Kensi Blye on "NCIS: Los Angeles" for all those 14 seasons! She did an amazing job portraying the complex relationship her character shared with Marty Deeks despite facing several challenges! But, there was a "Densi" moment that caught Ruah off guard! It seems like the actress had a bit of an emotional reaction during a scene in Season 14 when a cast member improvised a line. Although she had previously mentioned that kissing her brother-in-law on screen wasn't a big deal, this particular moment seemed to hit her in the feels.

Ruah talked about a sweet moment where Deeks surprised Kensi with flowers and concert tickets. It was in response to her plea to spend more time together and focus on their relationship, despite being busy with work and family.

But she didn't expect her co-star to throw in a surprising piece of dialogue that would cause her to cry for a very heartwarming reason. "So Eric improvises the line, 'This feels like 10 years ago,' and they left it in the cut because it worked really well but what they didn't leave was my actual breaking down into tears when he said those words that I didn't know he was going to say," Ruah said in an interview with Hello Magazine. "It was the weight of the history of our friendship, the history of our partnership, the history of having met my husband and having my children on the show. Eric and those words brought all of those feelings of nostalgia to a tipping point for me at that moment."

That was one example of why Season 14 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" was a bit of a mixed bag, and Ruah has been open about her thoughts on her character's storyline.

Daniela Ruah and Kensi Blye both had happy endings

Daniela Ruah and Kensi Blye both had happy endings
Michael Yarish/CBS

As you probably know, in the "NCIS" shows, not every case ends with a victory, and some of the couples in the franchise face tough challenges in their fight against naval injustice. But as far as Kensi Blye is concerned, the actor that plays the persona is very fond of how things turned out for her "NCIS: Los Angeles" character in the end and the addition to her family with Marty Deeks. "I love that now what was a family of three will eventually be a family of four. And they obviously don't love Rosa any less," Daniela Ruah told TV Insider. "They're just happy to have a bigger family that I think they both never had and always wished they had." But Blye isn't the only one that had things conclude on a high note.

The actor herself was very satisfied with how the show decided to bid farewell to the couple and the memory the "Densi" legacy leaves behind with fans. "I was elated, because I think that these characters deserve everything and more," Ruah said in an interview with TV Line. "They're good people, they fight for good, they fight for the betterment of the world, they're selfless, and they've grown and matured so much in these last 14 years."

Watching the couple's relationship take off and family grow has arguably been a highlight of the series, and even though "NCIS: Los Angeles" has ended, fans can always go back and relive all of their favorite "Densi" moments.

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